Wildlife Research & Training Centre, Gorewada, Nagpur

The Wildlife Research & Training Centre, Gorewada is established with a vision to propel research and training in the field of wildlife conservation. The following objectives have been identified:

  1. Development of preventive measures.
  2. To develop biotechnological tools for disease diagnostic operations (When problem arises).
  3. Development of disease control and disease impact assessment (During and at the end of Outbreak).
  4. To provide technical expertise services for health monitoring operations (A routine feature).
  5. To create repository for wildlife species identification by DNA isolation and sequencing from biological samples i.e. skin, meat, hair, bone, milk, blood stain, tooth etc.
  6. To provide assistance for ex-situ assisted reproduction.
  7. Capacity building of field veterinarians, academicians from veterinary institutes, state forest department in respect of wildlife health monitoring, capture and translocation, wildlife forensic and to develop institutional capacity to minimize man animal conflict.
  8. Wildlife conservation including breeding of rare and endangered species of Gondwana region and release them in the wild.
  9. Research and education in wildlife.
  10. Rehabilitation of injured sick and seized animals.